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Margaret Newman

Spotsylvania County Public Schools, Spotsylvania, Virginia

Grand Ballroom Salon A/B (Marriott) Capacity: 70

158. Mathematics Teacher Specialists: Panel Discussion in Leadership Progress

(Higher Education, Teachers of Teachers) Workshop SCSC

This session’s theme will be a interactive panel discussion of the exciting new era in math education Virginia. The panel will discuss the roles of the math specialist as a part of the Math Specialist project and of the Virginia Department of Education. Math specialists will discuss their content and pedagogical experiences that have prepared them for their new role of professional development.

Gail M. Hunger

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia

Grand Ballroom Salon I/J (Marriott) Capacity: 70


8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

193. How Would You Prove It? Using Models for Number Sense

(Pre-K–2) Workshop SCSC

This interactive workshop will involve teachers in enhancing their number-sense instruction. The presenters will involve participants in using various models that encourage their students’ mathematical thinking through problem solving and sharing their strategies and reasoning. Participants will view students’ work samples and a video showing students involved in authentic problem solving.

Karen M. Mirkovich

Swans Creek Elementary School, Dumfries, Virginia

Teresa L. Savage

Swans Creek Elementary School, Dumfries, Virginia

Grand Ballroom Salon I/J (Marriott) Capacity: 70

201. What’s So Special about Math Specialists: A Discussion about Math Specialists

(3–8) Workshop SCSC

Why a math specialist? What particular skill sets do specialists bring to their work? What do we know about content and pedagogical preparation for a specialist’s role? How does this model help to integrate a different kind of professional development into the work of schools?

Deena M. Bulick

Prince William County Public Schools, Manassas, Virginia

E21 C (Richmond Convention Center) Capacity: 80

10:30 a.m. – 12 noon

231. Teachers Exploring Place Value and the Operations Using DMI Materials

(Pre-K–8) Gallery Workshop SCSC

The participants will explore activities and case studies based on Developing Mathematical Ideas (DMI) materials (Building Systems of Ten, Making Meaning of Operations) used during a summer institute. The speakers will discuss ways to implement these activities and materials in classrooms and with other teachers.

Joy Wright Whitenack

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia

Patti Jayne Schneider

Hanover County Schools, Mechanicsville, Virginia

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