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BILL: CS/CS/SB’s 2086 & 2498

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policy no more than once per year. If the unit owner fails to provide the evidence of insurance within 30 days, the association may purchase an insurance policy on behalf of the unit owner, which the unit owner must pay for. The bill specifies the obligations of the condominium association and the unit owner for reconstruction and repair work and their cost. The bill provides that any expenses required by government, including fire safety equipment and water and sewer service, are common expenses. The bill modifies provisions regarding the furnishing of estoppel certificates by condominium associations and by homeowners’ associations.

The bill repeals most provisions of ch. 498, F.S., and renumbers others to end the regulation of subdivided land sales by the Division of Florida Land Sales, Condominiums, and Mobile Homes (division) within the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR or department). The bill amends s. 20.165, F.S., to rename the division as the Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares, and Mobile Homes. It also renames the department’s Division of Technology, Licensure, and Testing as the Division of Technology. The bill transfers selected powers of the division that are contained in ch. 498, F.S., to ch. 718, F.S. The bill permits the department, on behalf of the boards under its jurisdiction, to close and to terminate license applications two years after the board or the department has notified the applicant of the deficiency, and to approve applications for professional licenses that meet all statutory and rule requirements for licensure. It clarifies exemptions for mold assessor licensure.

The bill increases the experience requirement for real estate brokers from 12 months to 24 months and deletes the requirement for real estate schools to submit course rosters to the department. It eliminates the requirement for farm labor contractors to file fingerprints with the department. The bill permits applicants for the electrical and alarm system contractors’ certification examination to take the examination before the Electrical Contractors’ Licensing Board has reviewed the applicant’s experience and training qualifications. The bill authorizes amateur mixed martial arts events in Florida. It requires, before licensure, that participants in boxing and mixed martial arts matches have competed in the minimum number of competitions required for licensure as determined by rule of the Boxing Commission. It exempts persons who sell or offer for sale manufactured and factory built buildings from the construction contracting licensure requirements of ch. 489, F.S.

The bill exempts pari-mutuel permitholders licensed to conduct slot machine gaming from game promotion regulation by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

The bill provides an effective date of July 1, 2008.

This bill substantially amends the following sections of the Florida Statutes: 20.165, 73.073,

    • 190.009

      , 192.037, 213.053, 215.20, 326.002, 326.006, 380.05, 380.06, 380.0651, 381.0065,

    • 450.33

      , 455.116, 455.203, 455.217, 455.2273, 468.841, 475.17, 489.105, 475.451, 475.455,

    • 489.511

      , 489.515, 494.008, 509.512, 517.301, 548.0065, 548.008, 548.041, 559.935, 718.103,

    • 718.105

      , 718.111, 718.115, 718.116, 718.117, 718.1255, 718.5011, 718.501, 718.502, 718.504,

    • 718.508

      , 718.509, 718.608, 719.103, 719.1255, 719.501, 719.502, 719.504, 719.508, 719.608,

    • 720.301

      , 720.401, 721.03, 721.05, 721.07, 721.08, 721.26, 721.28, 721.301, 721.50, 723.003,

    • 723.006

      , 723.009, 723.0611, and 849.094. This bill creates the following sections of the Florida

Statutes: 718.50152, 718.50154, 718.50155, and 720.30851. This bill repeals the following sections of the Florida Statutes: 498.001, 498.003, 498.005, 498.007, 498.017, 498.021, 498.022,

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