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BILL: CS/CS/SB’s 2086 & 2498

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  • VIII.

    Additional Information:

    • A.

      Committee Substitute – Statement of Substantial Changes: (Summarizing differences between the Committee Substitute and the prior version of the bill.)

CS/CS by Judiciary on April 16, 2008: The committee substitute makes the following changes to the prior committee substitute:

  • Clarifies that an estoppel certificate fee be refunded to the payer within 30 days after receipt of the payer’s request in conjunction with the sale of a condominium unit where the closing does not occur. Also clarifies that the request for the refund be made within 30 days;

  • Renames the Division of Florida Land Sales, Condominiums, and Mobile Homes Trust Fund as the Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares, and Mobile Homes Trust Fund.

  • Exempts pari-mutuel permitholders licensed to conduct slot machine gaming from game promotion regulation by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services; and

  • Makes technical and conforming changes.

CS by Regulated Industries on March 25, 2008: The committee substitute (CS) makes the following changes to the original bill:

  • Clarifies that the insurance provisions of the newly created s. 718.111, F.S., do not apply to timeshare condominium associations.

  • Repeals ch. 498, F.S., to de-regulate the sale of subdivided land by the division. It also amends several sections in the Florida Statutes to correct references to ch. 498, F.S., and the division obligations and duties under that chapter.

  • Amends the following provisions that may be affected by the repeal of ch. 498, F.S., including ss. 380.06, 381.0065(4)(c), and 494.008, F.S. It also repeals s. 190.009(2), F.S.

  • Eliminates the requirement for farm labor contractors to file a set of their fingerprints with the department.

  • Amends provisions of ch. 455, F.S., relating to the department’s licensing functions for the boards under its jurisdiction, including, s. 455.203, F.S., to authorize the department to close and terminate license applications two years after the board or the department has notified the applicant of the deficiency, and

    • s.

      455.203, F.S., to authorize the department to approve applications for professional licenses that meet all statutory and rule requirements for licensure.

  • Amends s. 475.17, F.S., relating to the experience requirement for real estate broker or sales associates. The CS amends s. 475.451(9), F.S., to delete the requirement for real estate schools to submit course rosters to the department. It amends ss. 489.511 and 489.515, F.S., relating to the certification requirements for electrical and alarm system contractors.

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