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Mackie SRM 450 Active 2-Way PA Speakers and SR 1500 Active Subwoofer


Let's start with a look at the SRM450 speakers. These high-impact, plastic com- posite enclosures house one 12" low-fre- quency speaker with a 2.5" voice coil that can handle 300-watts and has a frequency response from 50Hz to 3,000Hz. There is also one high-frequency driver and horn with a


The Gear: Mackie SRM450 Two-Way, Active PA Speakers and SR 1500 Active Sub- woofer

The Gigs: Mid-sized rock club gig with rio deluxe (modern and classic rock covers)

Who it's for: Giggers playing small to medium size clubs and casuals

How Much:

  • -

    SRM 450 $899 ea

  • -

    SR 1500 $1,199


  • -

    Monitor-quality sound in a small package

  • -

    Great sub-bass in a very small package

  • -

    No hassle, plug and play

  • -

    Loud, clean sound


  • -

    Subwoofers need better

protection for their corners

  • -

    The subs don’t have feet

Mackie Designs 16220 Wood-Red Rd. NE Woodinville, WA 98072 Tel.: (425) 487-4333 Fax: (425) 806-6383 www.mackie.com

1.75" titanium diaphragm that can han- dle 150-watts and has a frequency response of 1,000Hz to 20,000Hz. The SRM450's horn design is a unique three- piece assembly derived from high-end studio monitor technology where wide dis- persion and precise reproduction of voice and high frequencies is critical.

Each enclosure incorporates two FR series power amps (the low end gets 300- watts and the high end gets 100-watts). Each cabinet has a level control, a low cut filter for frequencies below 75Hz and a Contour but- ton that boosts low and highs. This button seemed to give the vocals more clarity and punch at lower volumes.

The molded cabinets can be pole mounted and there is an assortment of rig- ging points, in case you want to fly them. The asymmetrical trapezoidal enclosures can be used either as mains or stage monitors. Oh yeah, there's a timer button that automati- cally turns the power off if no signal is pres- ent for more than three minutes. The SRM450s also look very hip and high-tech. Mackie jumped into the loudspeaker biz by acquiring an Italian company, RCF, which is one of the world's top producers of sound reinforcement speakers and enclosures; though these units are Mackie-designed and carry a Mackie logo, they have obviously been influenced by the RCF line. A final note that may seem a bit silly, the light that tells you the speakers are turned on is blue instead of the usual boring red. It's a lit- tle thing, but it's kinda cool.

Turning to the SR 1500, Mackie starts with a small (24" x 18" x 24"), ported Baltic birch box. It’s loaded with a 15" low-fre- quency transducer and driven with a 600- watt FR Series power amp. Frequencies are controlled by a built-in electronic stereo/mono high-pass crossover network. You also get a level control, a phase switch and a thermal-protection amp shutdown cir- cuit with auto reset. And these little puppies (bull dogs) weigh in at 101 pounds.

Now that we know what we’re working with, how about that test?

The Gigs

I have a live band as well as a small live sound company, which gives me a variety of venues in which to test gear. I decided I would test the SR1500 subs first. I have a pair of SRM450 active two-way speakers, and the subs are a perfect match for them. I was play- ing a mid-sized club with my four-piece band, which consists of drums, percussion, bass and guitar. I ran the kick drum, percussion,



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