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and a greater commitment of resources, would make the gains sustainable (see Appendix 1 for the TOR).

1.2.3. The output from the Task Force’s work includes:

Actionable activities to deal with crime at the “root cause” and symptomatic levels;

Key performance measures and

Rough estimates of the financial requirements and implications of the Roadmap.

1.2.4. Successful implementation of the Task Force’s recommendations is expected to yield:

Significantly lower rates of violent crime, an end to institutionalized corruption in the police service, and a significant weakening of organized crime as a player in local and national politics.

A more integrated and effective criminal justice system that more speedily, efficiently and fairly dispatches the cases that are before it.

An efficient and motivated constabulary equal to the task of protecting the citizens of the country, especially those living in the high-violence areas, ensuring the rule of law and maintaining public order.

Empowered and involved communities that begin to take responsibility for their safety, in partnership with the security forces.

1.3.        The Concept of a Roadmap

1.3.1. This report is conceptualized and organised as a “Roadmap.” According to Patrick McAndrew, Andrew Brashner and Pascale Hardy of the Open University, a roadmap provides “a vision of the future landscape available to decision makers, ... the inventory of possibilities for a particular field.” The road-mapping process, therefore, provides a way to identify, evaluate and select strategic alternatives that can be used to achieve a desired objective. Roadmaps attract resources from business and government, stimulate further investigations and may be used as a tool for monitoring progress.  

1.3.2. This “roadmap” incorporates a series of goals to be accomplished and supporting steps to be carried out in getting from one set of circumstances to another i.e. to move from the present situation towards the achievement of one or more objectives or goals.  The use of the word in the given context may not strictly meet the technical requirements of the definition but is meant to connote a series of well-considered steps toward attaining an important objective. It may therefore be more appropriately called a route map. With

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