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Action: Promote transparency in contracts. All contracts and subcontracts, regardless of the sum involved, must be awarded only to contractors that are on lists approved by the Contractor General.


Contractors must be required to name themselves and to list all subcontractors on a notice board at the site during the period of construction and up to one year afterwards.  


Each Ministry must be required to publish a list of all contractors and subcontractors who have provided services to it. This must be done annually.

Justification: This would plug the present loophole that allows registered contractors to sub-contract to firms that are fronts for criminal enterprises, and end the practice of circumventing the Office of the Contractor General by splitting contracts into many small ones that are below the sum that would trigger an audit by that department.   The Contractor General may thus be held accountable if contracts are awarded to firms that are linked to organized crime.

Action:  Include parliamentarians under the Corruption Prevention Act.

Justification: There should not be special rules for any class of officials and citizens.  All laws should be based on the principle of universalism, otherwise they bring the law and the state into disrepute.

Action: The appointment of all officials to critical posts and positions of leadership in the public service (the Commissioner of Police, the Chief Justice, the Commissioner of Corrections, the Head of the Corruption Prevention Commission, the Contractor General) should have the approval of 2/3 of Parliament.

Justification: This would ensure that they enjoy the trust of the majority of the representatives of the people.

3.2.3. Measures of success to be applied include:

Our ranking on the Transparency International Annual Transparency Index.

Corruption losing its institutionalized character (in key institutions) and instead becoming the acts of individuals.

Improved public confidence in the institutions (which may be measured by surveys of public opinion).

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