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3.3.Roadmap to Breaking Party-Crime Links

3.3.1. As noted earlier, perhaps the most critical facilitator of high–end crime is the corrupt link with party functionaries. A special set of anti-corruption measures are therefore directed at weakening and breaking these links.

3.3.2. Some of the key signposts to breaking these links are:

Action: That all “approved contractors” be required to have security clearance that indicates that their firms are not linked to organized crime.

Justification: The party-organized crime links are largely based on the opportunities for material enrichment. Removing this would thus weaken the links.

Action: Any contractor who subcontracts to a criminal firm or a firm controlled by criminal elements should be “black listed” from future contracts.

Justification: This introduces increased risks to approved contractors who violate the rules.

Action: The code of conduct for politicians should include a prohibition of all conduct that reinforces crime and all forms of violence. This includes symbolic reinforcement such as attending the funerals of person of criminal repute, approvingly associating with them in the constituencies and other settings, and performing songs that are supportive of violence on political platforms.  These types of behaviour should by monitored by the Political Ombudsman.  

Justification: Too many Jamaicans are ambivalent about crime.  This undermines law enforcement and sends mixed signals to criminals.  The political leadership should be required to rid itself of this ambivalence.

Action:  Remove all persons with criminal connections from representational politics. The STFC favours the approach set out in the report of the National Committee on Crime and Violence (2001), which states inter alia: “ Starting with the next general elections, political parties must certify that all reasonable steps have been taken to ascertain the antecedent history of each candidate and that, to the best  of their knowledge the individuals are without criminal blemish. A false certification will attract sanctions. The certification will go to the Public Defender carrying out his functions as Political Ombudsman under the Public Defender Act. Parties must take all practicable steps (under pain of criminal liability) to ensure that they do not receive funding from persons or organizations that are criminally tainted for example drug dealers.”

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