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Justification: Ensuring that party candidates do not personify the crime-politics links may restore trust in the parties as vital elements of our democracy that truly serve the national interests.           

3.3.3. Measures of success to be applied include:

A significant reduction in the number and value of State-funded contracts (via subcontracts) that are given to persons and firms that are involved in criminal activity, including money laundering.

Transparency and full accounting with respect to party financing.

3.4.Roadmap to Degarrisoning

3.4.1. The party-crime links are strongest in the garrisons. Garrisons are a societal phenomenon that arose out of “tribal”, political “wars” starting in the 1960s to control territory. The report of the National Committee on Political Tribalism states, “At one level a garrison community can be described as one in which anyone who seeks to oppose, raise opposition to or organize against the dominant party would definitely be in danger of suffering serious damage to their possessions or person thus making continued residence in the area extremely difficult if not impossible.”  This party monopoly is imposed with the assistance of party strongmen who are invariably leaders of violent criminal networks. Electoral results (75% of those voting for the candidate of a particular party) are taken as the usual method of identifying garrison communities. Forty years on, garrison communities are zones of exclusion, characterized by high levels of crime.

3.4.2. In the context of this report, “dismantling” is taken to mean a medium- to long-term process of political, social and economic renewal of the affected communities. In the short term, the process involves steps toward ensuring law and order, and a balance of power with authority shifting to the legitimate leadership.

3.4.3. Some key signposts are:

Action: Two–party agreement on degarrisoning.

Justification: Though many agreements have been signed in the past between the political leaders, none has dealt specifically with dismantling the garrisons. Such an action can only come about through cooperation at the highest level of the political structure, hence the need for an agreement that holds the leaders accountable. In order to ensure degarrisoning, the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition must lead by example and take the following immediate steps.

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