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Action: End contracts to garrison dons and their associations.

Justification: Community dons have become an integral link in the distribution channel for political spoils and benefits, and sometimes are used to execute important and substantial projects financed with public funds.  Using dons in this way not only legitimizes their position in the community, but also provides financing which could find its way into the criminal enterprise.

Action: End the practice of active crime dons making financial contributions to political parties and/or selected party candidates. All garrison constituencies to be required under pain of criminal liability to make public all contributions.

Justification: The party crime links tend to be especially strong in the garrison constituencies. This therefore requires special scrutiny (in its financial aspects).

Action: Disarm the garrisons with possible help from foreign security expertise. Moreover, to complement these efforts, the STFC is in favour of the approach set out in the report of the National Committee on Crime and Violence, which states that:  “Working through the proposed Peace and Justice Centres, government must launch what we are terming a DEATH SWAP programme. Simply put an appeal would go out for persons to swap their guns for knowledge (education) in their heads or for cash in their pockets. …Anonymity (not amnesty) must be provided the owner and/or user of the gun.”

Justification: Garrisons are routinely described as armed camps and “veritable fortresses.” Although there is no accurate estimate of the number of illegal guns in these communities, confrontations between these communities and the security forces have revealed a significant capacity to engage in armed violence. This capacity is a threat to the security of the country. With large numbers of weapons in the hands of the young men in these communities, it is virtually impossible to reduce the homicide rate on a sustainable basis.

Action: Accelerate the privatization of housing stocks.

Justification: Home ownership gives people a sense of pride and a stake in the community. Free market transfers of the housing stocks would in the long term make these communities less politically homogenous. It also breaks a major psychological and historical link in the garrisonisation process, in that garrisons were largely created with the cooperation of Ministers of Housing who used public funds to construct houses to accommodate party supporters with no obligation on their part to pay. The current Inner-city Housing project is a start in the right direction, but consideration should be given to putting a percentage of these houses on the open market.

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