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Action: Enforce payment of utilities.

Justification: The phenomenon of social water and social electricity are institutionalized in the garrison communities.  These are benefits to residents of the garrisons that are derived from them being simply members of these communities. This makes them a special, privileged class of citizens with the losses passed on through the billing process to compliant customers. Moreover, these are benefits derived from the reputation of these communities for violence. Neither of these two things should be permitted.

Action:Ensure roadway access within these communities (major roadways to be constructed and those that were blocked as part of the garrisonisation process to be cleared.)

Justification: Attempts were made in the garrisonisation process to construct physical barriers between communities; our own Berlin Wall so to speak.  West Road in Trench Town where a two-storey apartment block was built across the road by the then Member of Parliament and Housing Minister is a case in point.  Removing these obstructions would symbolize a commitment to peace and openness to all.  Their continued presence serves as an unhealthy reminder of the worst forms of tribalized politics, which count among its victims thousands of Jamaicans who were forced to flee their communities, who bled and who died. More practically these roadways would allow the security forces to have free and speedy access to these areas and to be able to better protect the people.

Action: Strip garrison dons of all criminally acquired wealth. These measures must extend to the association of dons with legitimate entities (for example football clubs) in their respective communities and elsewhere which may be co-opted to serve as fronts for criminal enterprises.

Justification: The don, nattily attired and expensively transported (in life and in death), serves as a model of material success - for many inner-city youths.  Stripping them of their wealth would make them less attractive models.

Action: Establish police-military posts within garrison communities, as required.

Justification: It has been observed that when police and military personnel are stationed in the communities with the worst record, the killings all but cease.  This is not the ultimate solution but it saves lives and creates the calm required for the social interventions to work.  

Action: Initiate a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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