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Action: Depoliticising promotion – establish Promotion Boards. The promotion system in the JCF is to be restructured and a Police Promotion Board (PPB) be established for both gazetted and other ranks, the recommendations of which the Commissioner of Police cannot overrule but may appeal to the PSC for redress.  The PPB should consist of seven persons – the Chairman and three others being non-Police but with qualification in HR Management.  The Commissioner of Police would promote - authority being delegated by the Police Service Commission - all persons up to the rank of Inspector.  The PSC would promote all gazetted officers.

Justification: This would ensure a more rigorous application of the merit principle. The leadership of the Force would be drawn from the best performers in the Force.  This would improve morale and performance.

Action: Improve the investigation of criminal and unprofessional conduct by the Police. The Police Public Complaints Authority was formed to overcome these problems.  Regretfully, it has never been given the resources – human and financial.  Recently a Professional Standards Branch was established; it also is tasked with dealing with the investigation of Police corruption.  The Police Public Complaints Authority (PPCA) should be upgraded and be responsible for investigation of all complaints against the Police, to include investigations of criminal activity.  The element of the Professional Standards Branch that deals with corruption (and only this element) should be transferred to the PPCA.

Justification: This is critical to ensuring the effectiveness of the Police as an institution for enforcing the laws of the country.

Action: Upgrade criminal investigation and intelligence services. To that end, a new approach is necessary.  An autonomous investigative police service should be formed.  This would be distinct from the JCF, with special responsibilities for investigating serious and high-end crimes.

Justification: The country does not have the resources to significantly upgrade the entire police services. It should therefore focus its resources on upgrading the critical police functions. As organized crime and homicides are the main problems, this should begin with the investigative function and its support services such as criminal intelligence and forensic analysis.  Forming an autonomous service allows for a more attractive salary than that of the JCF and would call for higher educational and character requirements for joining this service.

Action: A strategic review of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) for the 21st Century.

Justification: The last occasion an in-depth review of the role, functions, organization and administration of the JCF that had a significant impact on

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