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policing was undertaken in 1953/4 by way of a Royal Commission headed by Mr. W. A. Calver10.  In order to ensure that the report was implemented, Calver was later appointed Commissioner of Police. This review led to significant improvements in the Force.  Dramatically changing circumstances now demand that all aspects of the JCF be reviewed in depth to set the stage for the next two decades. For example, the Constabulary Force Act of 1867 - although subject to amendments over the years - is still the Act in force today, 139 years after promulgation. The current Jamaican reality demands up-to-date legislation.

Action: The Mobile Reserve should be upgraded. This should involve increasing its staff complement to some 1,500.  It should be subject to the disciplinary standards and procedures that now obtain in the JDF.  It would have the responsibility for responding to situations and threats  that may require a higher level of force than the general police officer would normally encounter such as armed clashes with large groups of armed persons, riots,  and terrorism.   

Justification: Such threats are real, and the capability to treat with them must be secured. This police unit would be required to work closely with the military in special operations. It serves as a bridge between the police and the military. In order to develop greater trust between these two institutions and improved effectiveness in joint operations, it is useful that they train together and operate under a unified command. Moreover, being subject to military discipline allows for more effective control of corruption and unprofessional conduct within the unit.

3.6.3. Measures of success to be applied include:

Lower rates of violent crimes, especially of murder

Lower rates of violent crimes in traditional hot spots

Clear up and conviction rates

Reduced number of police injured/killed in the line of duty

Increased trust and confidence in the police force as measured by surveys

Citizen satisfaction survey score.

3.7. Roadmap to Transforming the JDF

3.7.1. The JDF was recently subject to a special Strategic Defence Review.  The Review has been completed and has been tabled before Parliament.  The Task Force was not privy to the details of this review.  However, we believe that the recommendations of the National Task Force on Crime on the JDF that were made in 1993 are even more relevant today than they were then.  Attached as an Annex to this report is a copy of the relevant

10 There was a strategic review in 1997 which triggered the current modernization process actual change has however been painfully slow.

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