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5.1. Ownership of the Roadmap

5.1.1. This is a roadmap that will, it is hoped, eventually belong to the country.  As has been stressed, for this to occur, there must be two-party consensus and eventually a national consensus on a programme of action.  The working model is one of a coalition that brings together organizations, groups, and individuals with a common interest (so-called social partners) with an aim to plan and take action to achieve the agreed goals.

5.1.2. At the same time, it is understood that to begin the process Government must lead and bear the heavy end of the load.  It is the elected officials who sit in Parliament who are accountable to the citizens of Jamaica to provide a safe and secure environment.  

5.2. Organizational Framework

5.2.1. The STFC proposes that an authority comprising a small grouping of competent individuals be established in the OPM to ensure the implementation of the Roadmap and all of its component elements. This executing agency, established for the purpose of implementing the Roadmap, should be endowed with cross-cutting authority that allows it to bring the various actors inside and outside of Government together for collaborative action, and to mobilize resources locally and internationally.  Coordination of the various agencies is a necessary condition for successful results. The OPM is the best authority to ensure this.

5.2.2. This agency would monitor, promote and report on progress relative to the agreed national benchmarks.  Specifically, it would be required to:

Monitor, evaluate and report on progress towards the goals and benchmarks

Develop, refine and revise the strategies and benchmarks

Promote the Roadmap and its associated programmes and projects among the general population

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