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SSI 2008 Sensor Re-Design

Improve the laser head seal.

Eliminated moisture intrusion into the laser head cavity (wet bias).

Improved the sensor stability over time (long term sensor stability).

Modified the signal processing circuit to improve the thermal insensitivity.

Improved the observed dry bias by component and circuit upgrades.

Improved the performance over changing temperature by temperature measurement upgrades.

Improved the laser thermal control loop.

Improved the laser wavelength stability by an improved thermal control loop.

Upgrades to the processor from the petrochemical board experiences.

Improvements to noise levels and thermal insensitivity.

Upgrade the thermal management of the system.

Isolate the SEB from the fuselage structure to improve the thermal environment for the electronics and laser head.

Isolate the laser head from the sample cell to improve the thermal environment for the laser head.

Upgrade the gas temperature monitor and gas temperature management to assure that the gas temperature is correct in the concentration computation.

Increased thermal heating of the gas heating system.

Added a test connector to the exterior of the SEB

Allows SSI to perform the final functional and calibration testing after the SEB is completely assembled and enclosed.

Provides for a post installation functional test to assure that the units are working after installation. SSI recommends a breakout box for this testing.

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