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System Start-up

The following checklist has been developed as an aid in verifying proper installation and operation of the Quicklub Onboard Grease System. By completing the steps outlined below, the operational readiness of the system and resulting extension of the component life of all points connected to the system will be insured.

  • Apply grease gun (manual or pneumatic) to the grease fitting located on the Primary valve and each secondary valve inlet. While pumping grease through the system, cycle the indicator pin on the primary metering valve a minimum of 15 times. NOTE: Grease gun nozzle and grease fitting should be thoroughly cleaned before lubricating to prevent flow of contaminants into the lube system.

  • Inspect primary valve supply and outlets for grease discharge. If leakage is detected, tighten the fittings.

  • Continue to cycle the system until fresh grease appears at each lube point.

  • Inspect each lube point fitting for leaks. Correct any leaks by firmly pushing tube into the fitting until seating occurs, or tighten the threaded fittings for components connected with hose.

  • Operate the equipment through its complete range of motion, inspecting for unrestricted movement of tube and hose. Correct any problems of rubbing, chaffing or kinking.

  • Inspect all hose and tube that is not covered with some type of protective wrap. Wrap any tube or hose that would be susceptible to damage from rubbing or chaffing.

  • Inspect all hose and tube connected to moving components. Insure that adequate hose or tube is provided to allow unrestricted movement to these moving lube points.

  • Verify proper pump operation and verify time setting by activating pump with the green activation button located on the face of the pump control panel. Activate the pump at least three times to insure proper operation.

  • After the combine is in operation for a period of time (approx. 80 hours), you may find you need to adjust timing to a shorter or longer period based on the operating conditions.

  • Fill the reservoir with selected grease by filling at the grease fitting located on the face of the pump reservoir.


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