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Preparation/Installation Overview

The following steps will assist the installer with a systematic approach for installing the Quicklub Automated lube system on the combine. By following the steps outlined, a successful installation will be achieved and will increase the service life of all pins and bearings connected to the lube system.


  • Compare the bill of material with the kit contents

  • Clean machine thoroughly

  • Survey the equipment and locate all lubrication points to be serviced by the lubrication system

  • Lubricate each point with a grease gun prior to removing grease fittings to assure grease acceptance. Any points that will not accept grease must be repaired prior to system installation.

  • After confirming all points will accept grease, remove all grease fittings

Installation Overview

  • Install appropriate adapters and tube fittings in lube points.

  • Position valve mounting brackets on machine.

  • Attach metering valves to previously mounted brackets.

  • Use tubing cutters, cut to length individual tubing feed lines from secondary valves to lube points and make connections.

  • When installing feed line tubing into the Quicklinc fittings, push until firmly seated.

  • Neatly bundle, loom with spiral wrap provided and tie strap feed lines wherever possible to protect from abrasion.

  • Size, cut and attach appropriate hose ends to all supply lines. The high-pressure hose is used as supply lines from the pump to the primary valve, the primary to the secondary valves. It is recommended that the supply lines be routed and cut only after all valves and the electric pump have been attached to the machine. This assures the supply line is cut to the proper length. Also, allow for unrestricted movement while the machine is in motion.

  • Route supply lines from the pump to primary valve and from the primary valve to the secondary valve and make connections.

  • Secure supply/feed lines with tie straps, so not in harms way.

  • Mount pump and make electrical connections (electrical diagram included with the pump).


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