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The Affordable Care Act can save lives from cancer. Learn how the new law could help you and the people you love.

We have some of the best health care in the world, but for many years that care has gone to fewer and fewer people who can aord it. Cancer patients and survivors are denied coverage because of pre- existing conditions. ey have to pay more than they can aord for the care they need. And they pay for health insurance that does not cover lifesaving cancer screenings, treatments, or follow-up care.

Many people with cancer live in fear of losing their health coverage if they lose their job. ey worry about having their coverage canceled because they got sick, or they face limits on the amount of care their health plan will cover. Many other people who are happy with their coverage would face these same problems if they were diagnosed with cancer.

  • e Aordable Care Act is improving the quality and cost

of health care in the United States for people with cancer and those at risk for cancer. e law is not perfect, but it will make health care more adequate, aordable, and available. And it will be easier to administer for cancer patients, survivors, and their families.

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