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used in industry. The Active and Passive Noise Control Technical Committee will also be sponsoring a workshop at the conference on occupational hearing loss.

Adam Smith is a research engineer working in the Hearing Loss Program at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Office of Mine Safety and Health Research. Mr. Smith received his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, where he investigated active noise control schemes. Currently, he is investigating how to reduce worker exposure to noise from mining equipment through the application of engineering controls. Mr. Smith is the primary investigator on a study to reduce noise generated by continuous mining machines used in underground coal mining operations. He has also been involved in the development and evaluation of noise controls for roof bolting machines used in underground mining and horizontal vibrating screen used in coal preparation plants.

Structural Acoustics Committee Chair: Shung H. Sung, shung@aol.com

The Technical Committee on Structural Acoustics (TCSA) represents the technical areas related to the interaction between acoustics and structures, including structural effects such as vibrations caused by sound and noise, and sound and noise generation due to structural vibrations, as well as propagation of sound in enclosed air volume, exterior air medium, or on the surface of various structures. Accomplishments in 2010:

In November 2010, the ASME IMECE2010 Conference was held in Vancouver with 5 topical symposia sponsored by the TCSA, with a total of 45 papers presented by authors from countries around the world. Especially represented was the Asia region due to the convenience of the conference location.

The topics covered by the symposia included: (a) General Structural Vibration and Acoustics (15 papers) organized by Steve A. Hambric of Penn State University and Liang Wu Cai of Kansas State University; (b) Phononic Materials and Acoustic MetaMaterials (13 papers) organized by Liang Wu Cai and Mahmould I. Hussein of University of Colorado; (c) Numerical Methods in Vibrations and Acoustics (9 papers) organized by Lonny Thompson of Clemson University and Rui M. Botelho of General Dynamics Electric Boat, and two new symposia topics of (d) Noise, Vibration, Fatigue and Atmospheric Propagation (5 papers) organized by Shung H. (Sue) Sung and Charlie Zhang of Kansas State University and (e) Smart/Functionally Graded Materials for Vibration and Noise Control Applications (3 papers) organized by Shung H.(Sue) Sung and Liang Wu Cai.

The symposium on Noise, Vibration, Fatigue, and Acoustic Propagation was formed by combining the originally planned symposium on Noise, Vibration and Fatigue in Transportation System sponsored by the TCSA and the originally planned symposium on Sound Propagation in the Atmosphere and Noise from Alternative Energy Sources sponsored by the Aero/Hydro Acoustics Technical Committee. Future combined symposia of two different Technical Committees seem to be a good fit in view of future frequent multidisciplinary interactions.

Noise Control and Acoustic Division Newsletter, January 2011


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