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7FCI-L3030084-B – Refresh 12               ATTACHMENT 08Page 08-4

Checklist of Required Information

Addition of New Items/Special Item Numbers (SIN)

or Request for an Economic Price Adjustment

FEDERAL SUPPLY SCHEDULE 084 “Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facility Management Systems, Fire, Rescue, Special Purpose Clothing, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Response”

CONTRACT NUMBER:  GS-07F-____________________

[   ]1.  When adding additional items/brands/SINs, you must provide the information requested in clause CSP-1, Commercial Sales Practices Format, attached.  Please note that the commercial sales figure provided must be for the new items/brands/SIN(s) proposed for addition.  If multiple brands or SINs are proposed for addition, commercial sales should be broken down by brand or SIN.  

[   ]2. When adding a new SIN you must indicate your participation under the corporative purchasing program, see Enclosure A, question 9.

[   ]3.  If other than the manufacturer and you are offering a brand not already awarded under your current contract, clause IFSS-644, Dealers and Suppliers, requires you to provide a letter of commitment from the manufacturer for each new brand offered.  The letter needs to be on the manufacturer’s original letterhead with an original signature from an officer (CEO, President, Vice President) of the company.  It must reference your contract number (GS-07F-XXXXX), the contract period (found in your contract), and contain a statement similar to the following:  “Manufacturer’s Name guarantees Your Company Name a source of supply sufficient to meet the Government’s requirements”. See “Read Me First” for additional requirements pertaining to Attachment 02-Firefighting & Rescue Equipment, Attachment 04 – Special Purpose Clothing and Attachment 05 – Law Enforcement and Security Equipment.  

[   ]4.  Submit the information requested in paragraphs 3 through 5 of clause CSP-1, Commercial Sales Practices Format, in Enclosure CSP.  If this information is the same as the initial award, a statement to that effect may be submitted instead.

[   ]5.  Submit two copies of product literature and ALL applicable (non-Government) dated published price lists.  Identify items in the price list by SIN, and exclude any items/terms not being offered or not appropriate for the SIN.  See clause 552.212-70, Preparation of Offer, MAS, located in the basic solicitation document.

[   ]6.  Indicate the offered discount for the new items/SINs in Enclosure A.

[   ]7.  Signify any additional discounts offered, such as prompt payment, quantity, etc. in Enclosure A.

[   ]8.  Furnish a description of any concessions being offered, which are not granted to other customers, in Enclosure A.

[   ]9.  Include the delivery time for the new items/SINs, in accordance with clause 552.211-78, Commercial Delivery Schedule, MAS, in Enclosure B.

[   ]10. Ensure Online Representations and Certifications (ORCA) are current, accurate and complete with regard to Clause 52.225-5 – Trade Agreements.  Complete Enclosure C.

[   ]11. When requesting an economic price adjustment, you must provide the information requested in paragraph (c) of clause 552.216-70, Alternate I, Economic Price Adjustment—FSS Multiple Award Schedule Contracts, located in the basic solicitation document.

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