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Explanation of information required in Clause CSP-1 – Commercial Sales Practices Format

The following pages contain the Commercial Sales Practices (CSP) Format section of the basic solicitation.  This information relates to the terms and conditions offered to your commercial (i.e., Non-Federal Government) customers.  All information must be provided on this page before your offer can be sufficiently evaluated.  Failure to provide accurate, current and complete CSP information may result in rejection of your offer.  

Please refer to clause 552.212-70, PREPARATION OF OFFER (MULTIPLE AWARD SCHEDULE) in the Basic Solicitation Document, for additional information concerning preparation and submission of your offer.  The following basic information is provided for each paragraph of the CSP.  Please refer to the in-depth instructions found in Figure 515.4-2 – Instructions for Commercial Sales Practices Format, on pages CSP-3 and CSP-4 for additional information.  .  

(1)The dollar figure provided should reflect sales to the general public based on established catalog or market prices during the most recent 12month period for which data is available or for the offerors last fiscal year.  Please ensure that the date provided includes at least the month and year.  Please provide ACTUAL figures, do not provide rounded figures.  

For evaluation purposes only, provide a copy of your commercial price list that was applicable during the time period shown in this paragraph.

If you are a dealer/reseller and the dollar value of sales to the general public is limited, please see Paragraph 5 of the CSP and provide the information requested therein.  

(2)Show your total projected annual sales to the Government for each SIN offered.  If you have not made sales to the Federal Government for the items offered, provide your best estimate of anticipated sales under any resultant contract.  

(3)See Figure 515.4-2 on pages CSP-3 and CSP-4 for additional explanation.  Also, please refer to Clause 552.212-70 in the Basic Solicitation Document for definitions of “concession” and “discount.”  

(4)(a)The information provided in this chart should reflect the terms and conditions offered to your commercial customers.  Information should be provided for all customers who receive terms equal to or better than those offered the Government.  

Column 1 – Customer is the customer (i.e., Company XYZ) or category of customer (i.e., dealers, distributors, State, County, City and Local Governments, etc.) who receive the terms being disclosed.  

Column 2 – Provide in this column any basic discount offered this customer.  A basic discount is any discount offered without regard for quantity (i.e., for a quantity of one).  If you do not offer any basic discounts, insert “NONE.”

Column 3 – Provide in this column any quantity or volume discounts offered this customer.  For example, a discount of 10% is offered when 20+ units are purchased, OR a discount of 10% is offered when the net order exceeds $20,000.00.  This discount is exclusive of any Basic Discount offered.  

Column 4 – Provide the FOB Terms (Freight Terms) offered this customer.  For example, FOB Origin (Plant), FOB Origin Freight Prepaid and Allowed, or FOB Destination.  

Column 5 – Provide in the column any other terms or conditions, not previously listed, which are offered to this category of customer.  For example, any prompt-payment terms, aggregate discount terms, enhanced or additional services offered, etc..  

(4)(b)If you have deviations from your written policies or standard commercial sales practices disclosed in the above chart which result in better discounts (lower prices) or concessions than indicated, then those must be explained in accordance with the instructions at Figure 515.4-2.  

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