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Dining Facility Files Management ARIMS Disposition


File Organization.

6 month active and 6 month inactive files should be “grouped” for ease of review, retrieval, and management of records. This means: Fiscal Year files and Calendar files are combined into two separate groups, they are:

a) Group 1-FY Files: 1 October through 31 March.

b) Group 2-FY Files: 1 April through 30 September.

c) Group 1-CY Files: 1 January through 30 June.

d) Group 2-CY Files: 1 July through 31 December.

How it works and why:

     1) Let’s say we are starting a new fiscal year on 1 October, 2006 (07-“Fiscal Year”) and will need to file our 6 month reports for October, November, December, and so forth. Our first set, or group, of records will be 6 month active records and filed in the 6 month active file drawer: as a group. Once the last report dated 31 March, 2007 (07-Fiscal Year) is filed, the entire group of records will move to and become the “6 month inactive” files.

      2) Files created and beginning 1 April, 2007 now become the “6 month active” files. Once the last file dated 30 September, 2007 (still a 07 Fiscal Year file) is filed, this group of records will move to and replace the previous 6 month inactive files dated 1 October, 2007 through 31 March, 2008. Files are rotated as a group in this manner for ease of management.

     3) Records that have reached the end of their 1 year inactive period are now considered “no longer needed for conducting business” and can be disposed of IAW AR 25-400-2, Chapter 7-4, Records Disposal.

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