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Nothing in subclause (2) permits an architect to provide information or disclose a matter orally if the provision in question expressly provides for it to done in writing.

Objectives of Code

The objectives of the Code are as follows:


to define for the community, architects and clients the reasonable standards of conduct expected from architects in their professional practice,


to facilitate the establishment of professional relationships between architects and their clients based on reasonable expectations concerning professional standards and the cost of architectural services,


to promote community confidence in the architectural profession.


Part 2

General practice standards


Provision of architectural services generally


In providing architectural services, an architect should:

  • (a)

    act with integrity and reasonable care, and

  • (b)

    provide the services:

  • (i)

    in a manner that (at the time the service is provided) is

widely accepted in Australia by peer professional opinion as competent professional architectural practice, and


in conformity with any laws applicable to the provision of such services.


  • (2)

    An architect should provide architectural services to a client:

    • (a)

      with reasonable promptness, and

    • (b)

      in accordance with any agreed time program or in a reasonable time as far as is permitted by the provision of instructions to the architect by the client.

  • (3)

    An architect should withdraw from the provision of any architectural service if the architect reasonably believes in the architect’s professional judgment that the provision of the service would require the architect to act:

    • (a)

      in a manner that the architect considers unethical, or

    • (b)

      in contravention of the Act, the Regulation or this Code.

  • (4)

    An architect should not offer to clients, without proper disclosure and the informed consent of the client, architectural services outside the architect’s skill, competency or experience or that of other architects under the architect’s supervision.

  • (5)

    If an architect considers that it would be prudent for a client to obtain any specialist advice or service from a person other than an architect (for example, an engineer) concerning an issue arising in connection with the provision of an architectural service, the architect should inform client of this if it is reasonably practicable for the architect to do so.

Disclosure of conflicts of interest


Before an architect enters into a contract or other arrangement to

Architects Regulation 2004 Schedule1

NSW Architects Code of Professional Conduct


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