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in relation to the construction of a building outside of Australia.


Record keeping

  • (1)

    If an architect provides an architectural service to a client, the architect should maintain records of the following:

    • (a)

      correspondence sent and received concerning any such service,


  • (b)

    financial transactions concerning any such service,

  • (c)

    client instructions and meetings held with the client concerning the service,

  • (d)

    drawings, photographs of works in progress, project journals and diaries created in connection with providing the service.

Any such records may be maintained in hard copy or electronic form.


  • (3)

    If any such records are maintained in electronic form, the architect should maintain adequate electronic copies of the records to enable the records to be restored should one electronic copy be destroyed or damaged.

  • (4)

    Any such records should be maintained for a period that is not less than 6 years after the completion of the architectural service concerned.

Provision of statements of account


Unless otherwise expressly agreed by an architect and the architect’s client, the architect should provide the client with regular statements of account for any architectural service provided.

Inspection of documents by client

  • (1)

    If a client of an architect provides the architect with reasonable notice of the client’s wish to inspect documents and records relating to the provision of an architectural service, the architect should (where practicable and during normal business hours) provide the client with a reasonable opportunity:

    • (a)

      to inspect:

      • (i)

        documents produced in providing the architectural service, and

    • (ii)

      records (except confidential business records) relating to the provision of the service, and

  • (b)

    to make copies (at the client’s expense) of any such documents or records.

  • (2)

    An architect should not unreasonably refuse to provide a client with an opportunity to inspect or copy the documents or records referred to in subclause (1).

  • (3)

    Nothing in this clause derogates from any right of an architect to claim a lien over documents or records referred to in subclause (1) or to assert any intellectual property rights in respect of such documents or records.


Maintaining knowledge of architectural services to be provided

An architect in charge of a client’s architectural project should maintain a thorough knowledge of the architectural services to be provided in relation to that project and of matters relating to the performance of those services.

Architects Regulation 2004 Schedule1

NSW Architects Code of Professional Conduct


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