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Advising client of inability to follow client s instructions

An architect should, as soon as is reasonably practicable, advise the client in writing of any thing that would, or would be likely to, prevent the client’s instructions related to an architectural service being followed, including the responsibility of an architect to withdraw from the provision of the service under clause 4 (3) of this Code.

Provision of copies of this Code


An architect should make a copy of this Code available for inspection by a prospective client for an architectural service.


An architect who is engaged to provide an architectural service to a client should provide the client with a copy of this Code before commencing to provide the service or as soon as is reasonably practicable after commencing to provide the service.


Part 4

Standards concerning insurance coverage


Professional indemnity insurance

  • (1)

    Subject to any requirements of the Act or the Regulation, an architect should:

    • (a)

      maintain a policy of professional indemnity insurance during each financial year appropriate for the architectural services being provided by the architect, and

    • (b)

      provide each client of the architect with information relating to the insurance maintained by the architect for the architectural services to be provided to the client.

  • (2)

    On the application of an architect, the Board may, by order in writing, grant an exemption to the architect from the provisions of subclause (1) if:

    • (a)

      the Board is satisfied that the architect has commenced practice as an architect only very recently, or

    • (b)

      the Board is otherwise satisfied that it would not be appropriate in the circumstances for the architect to comply with the provisions of subclause (1).

  • (3)

    Subclause (1) does not apply to:

    • (a)

      any architect in respect of the provision of an architectural service if:

      • (i)

        the person engaged to provide the service is not the architect, and

    • (ii)

      the architect is providing the service only as an employee of that person and not on the architect’s own account, or

  • (b)

    any non-practising architect, or


any architect who has been granted an exemption by the Board under subclause (2).

Part 5

Standards concerning continuing professional education


Continuing professional education


An architect should take all reasonable steps during each financial year to maintain and improve the skills and knowledge necessary for the provision of the architectural services that the architect normally provides through:

Architects Regulation 2004 Schedule1

NSW Architects Code of Professional Conduct


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