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  • (a)

    such activities that the Board is satisfied demonstrate the maintenance and improvement of the architect’s skill and knowledge, or

  • (b)

    such other means as may be approved by the Board from time to time

Subclause (1) does not apply to any non-practising architect.

Part 6

Standards concerning dispute resolution


Architects to promote alternative dispute resolution mechanisms


An architect should inform a prospective client that a written agreement between the architect and the prospective client in respect of the provision of architectural services may provide for alternative dispute resolution to be used to resolve disputes between them instead of court proceedings.

  • (2)

    Without limiting subclause (1), an architect complies with subclause (1) in relation to a prospective client for the provision of a home design service if:

    • (a)

      the current model home design client agreement (if any) includes provisions for alternative dispute resolution, and


the architect draws the prospective client’s attention to those provisions.

Part 7

Standards concerning the public


Maintaining public confidence in architectural profession

An architect should seek to avoid undermining the confidence of the public in the architectural profession by the architect’s conduct in his or her professional practice.


Promotion of architecture and current standards

An architect should, in the architect’s professional practice, take reasonable steps, given the architect’s circumstances and opportunities, to promote the advancement of architecture and reflect the current standards of architectural proficiency, education, research and practice.


Dealings with the public


When dealing with the public in the course of an architect’s professional practice, an architect should ensure that:

  • (a)

    the architect’s qualifications, experience and authorship of any work, document or publication are stated accurately, and

  • (b)

    the architect is identified clearly and accurately on stationery, sign boards, public notices and in publications, and

  • (c)

    the architect’s registration number is included on any stationery, sign boards, public notices or advertisements used or placed by the architect in connection with the architect’s professional practice, and

  • (d)

    if the architect claims to have received any award or honour for the provision of architectural services, all persons or bodies that shared in the award or honour are identified accurately in the claim.

Architects Regulation 2004 Schedule1

NSW Architects Code of Professional Conduct


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