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November 2008

Winner of two Florida Library Association First Place newsletter awards and Honorable Mention from the Friends of Libraries USA

Sweet M gnolias author lunches with Friends of SCRL January 22

Sherryl Woods answers my questions in the interview at the right.

“I’m working on a 5th in the Magnolias series for 2010.”

January 15: Deadline for buying your tickets to lunch with Sherryl Woods

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What’s the significance of the breast cancer theme in Seaview Inn?

I try to write about issues that are important to women and almost nothing affects more lives than breast cancer. Whether we deal with such a diagnosis ourselves or with a family member or friend, so many of us can relate to this horrible disease and the need for a cure. I've lost an aunt and a very good friend to breast cancer and have another friend who's battling a recurrence. How each of them has faced this journey has affected my life. I think most readers will relate.

Tell us about Welcome To Serenity that comes out in late November.

Welcome to Serenity tackles those bah- humbug folks who dread the holidays. We've all known them, but in so many instances we don't know why they can't seem to get into the holiday spirit that the rest of us love. In this case, the newest Sweet Magnolia, Jeanette, suffered a tragedy that tore her family apart. Faced with having to work on the town's holiday festival, she has to confront those bitter memories and try to mend fences with her family. And, of course, there's a wonderful guy with his own holiday issues, to say nothing of an entire community obsessed with Christmas just to keep things lively.

I understand Serenity is the fourth book of your Sweet Magnolias trilogy.

I've written many series through the years that somehow wound up going on and on beyond the books originally envisioned. Readers have responded

well to the Sweet Magnolias and I love writing about these women and their community. I'm working on a fifth book for 2010, Best Friends...Forever.

Enduring friendship plays an important role in your novels.

For those who keep track of astrological things, I was born on the cusp of Cancer and Leo, which means I tend to keep people close. It also means I think I get to control the world, but that's another story. I have friends who've known me since I was a baby, friends from school and church when I was a kid, friends from college, friends from every place I've worked. I try not to let any of them get away. These connections make us who we are and I treasure every one of them.

How many books have you written? Would you call yourself prolific?

The count's somewhere around 110...or more. I lost count when I hit 100 a few years ago. As for being prolific, I came out of journalism. Newspapers come out every day. I'm used to deadlines and I love to write.

You worked 10 years as a journalist, most of them as a TV critic for newspapers in Ohio and Florida.

I loved being a television critic, though I have to say it was tricky writing harsh columns about a news anchor or actor one day, then having to go out the next day and beg an interview from someone who wanted to throttle me. I still love the news business. I still want

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