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NOTEThis is a deviation from EN 1026.

2.4.4 Water permeability Method of verification

If a test for water permeability of the seal material itself is required, the test method described in annex C shall be used.

It is impractical to give a standard method for determining water permeability of the penetration seals, including services, due to the wide variation of service configurations. Method of assessing and judging

The water permeability of the product shall be given in qualitative terms. For example "water permeable" or "not water permeable" e.g. if droplets are visible at the back.

2.4.5 Release of dangerous substances Method of verification

See Part 1 – "General” Method of assessing and judging

See Part 1 – "General”

2.4.6 Mechanical resistance and stability Method of verification


NOTEIt is assumed that the impact test covers both static and dynamic loads. Method of assessing and judging


2.4.7 Resistance to impact / movement Method of verification

For products that can be used to form a blank seal and where no precautions (precautions/protection are not covered by this ETAG) are taken to prevent a person stepping onto a horizontal penetration seal or falling against a vertical, or sloped, penetration seal, tests according to EOTA TR 001 shall be used to show evidence of impact resistance taking account of the following:

The tests shall be performed without services passing through.

The size of the test specimen for impact resistance shall be that covered by the fire resistance classification but limited to a maximum 5 of 1 m x 1,5 m.

Only one specimen may be used for both safety in use and serviceability.

Where the size of the penetration seal can be in excess of 150 mm x 150 mm but less than or equal to 150 mm x 400 mm the test methods described in EOTA TR001, clause 3 applies. Where the size can be in excess of 150 mm x 400 mm clause 2 of that document also applies. Method of assessing and judging

The zone type for which the product is suitable, by reference to EOTA TR 001, shall be given in the ETA together with the maximum dimensions of the penetration seal and the type of impactor used.

2.4.8 Adhesion Method of verification

Adhesion is covered by verifications and/or tests performed according to 2.4.7. Method of assessing and judging


2.4.9 Airborne sound insulation Method of verification

If a test is required to determine a single number rating it shall be conducted according to EN ISO 140-10.

If the purpose of the test is to show that the acoustic properties of the building element which contains the penetration is not impaired by the penetration seal a test according EN ISO 140-3 shall be conducted.

In both cases the test is carried out without services passing through the specimen.

5 The limitation is valid only for seals of a maximum seal size of less than 2 m x 3 m in wall applications or 2 m x infinite m in floor applications.

ETAG 026


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