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Mounting and Fixing Procedures for Reaction to Fire Tests


Tests according to EN 13823 (SBI)

The product shall be tested in an installation representative of practical use and comprising all components, e.g. sealant, backing material, fixings etc. but without services. The thickness of each component of the penetration seal shall be representative of the installation in practice for the penetration seal size of the intended field of application. The maximum thickness of 200 mm given in EN 13823 may be reduced, provided a minimum unaffected thickness of 10 mm of the product or component forming the surface is left after the test 21.

Regarding the size of the specimen the standard configuration shown in Figure A.1 is normally used 22. Where no lateral spread of flame is expected, outside the area on the long wing covered by the specimen, the configuration shown in Figure A.2 may be used alternatively. When in a test using the configuration according to A.2, lateral spread of flame outside this area is observed the test shall be repeated using the standard configuration according to A.1.

The long wing of specimens that are built from a high number of relatively small parts (e.g. blocks) can be mechanically stabilized by fixing them at the back, to a cross-type frame made of steel (see Figure A.3).

21 This may be relevant for e.g. blocks, pillows or foams. An indicative test, for example using a Bunsen burner will give an estimate of the necessary thickness.

22 The size of the test specimen was chosen considering the fact that even if the size of a single opening is restricted in the ETA because of other reasons, e.g. the resistance to fire performance, it will always be possible to install several penetration seals in a single wall or floor in close proximity. Results of indicative tests with commonly used product types have shown that the full height of the test specimen must be used to get a reliable result.

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