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A.2Tests according to EN ISO 11925-2 (small burner test)

The standard size of the specimen (250 x 90 x maximum 60 mm) shall be used whenever possible, e.g. by flattening the product or cutting it into the required size.

NOTEWhere the specimen has a cut surface this surface shall not be used as the test surface exposed to the flame.

Where the geometry or nature of the product does not allow the use of the standard specimen size the following rules apply:

Where the width of the product is smaller than 90 mm, the actual width of the product is used.

For coatings used on mineral wool (slabs) the standard mineral wool substrate according to EN 13238 shall be used. The thickness of the coating shall be the maximum of any range requested by the ETA applicant.

Where the spacing requirements for the test set up do not allow the use of a particular size of a cushion the size shall be used that optimally fits both the spacing and size requirements.

Modular systems: the rubber modules can be tested in the uncompressed state. At the request of the applicant the compressed state as in practice can also be tested. Ideally a 250 x 90 x 60 mm specimen is produced. Where this is not feasible a frame closest in size to the standard specimen, filled with “blank” modules (without a hole), shall be used.

NOTETo achieve a realistic result tests under compression are particularly recommended for soft (e.g. foam-type) products when they are used under compression in practice.

For thin specimens a calcium silicate backing board shall be used.

According to EN ISO 11925-2 edge flaming is required only where the edge is exposed in practice (protrusion from the surface). This is normally not the case for penetration seals. However for the following products edge flaming will be necessary:


Collars and wraps.

For wraps which are installed within the opening and whose edge is flush with the surface of the building element, flaming of the small surface that is exposed in practice is used.

Collars: surface that's exposed in practice shall be exposed.

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