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.(Specific text: description of the seal (e.g. design of the seal, details of the materials and the dimensions of the seal (e.g. maximum size and minimum thickness of the seal, layer thickness of a coating,…), details regarding permissible fasteners or required framings), instructions for the installation of the seal (e.g. sequence of work steps), details of permissible changes (e.g. retrofitting of services)…)

1.2Intended use

(Specific text: description of type and thickness of the separating elements in which the seal is allowed to be installed, details of the services for which the seal can be used (e.g. cable types, cable trays or ladders, pipe materials, pipe diameters, pipe wall thickness, insulation materials, insulation thickness (if relevant referring to the pipe dimensions)), details of separation (between the services, between the services and the seal edge and between seals), the infill rate, the type and location of service support(s), the use category, are special pipe installations permissible? …)

The provisions made in this European technical approval are based on an assumed working life of the ...(product) of ... years. The indications given on the working life cannot be interpreted as a guarantee given by the producer, but are to be regarded only as a means for choosing the right products in relation to the expected economically reasonable working life of the works.

2Characteristics of product(s) and methods of verification

......(Specific text)

The ETA shall clearly specify the tested assembly, identifying the components used (e.g. supporting construction, services, mechanical fasteners, etc.), the dimension or range of sizes, the configuration etc.

The field of application shall be specified, taking account of all relevant parameters, e.g. dimension of the seal, number, dimension(s) and type of services, type of supporting construction, the use conditions in terms of environmental conditions (e.g. dry indoor use), the method of preparation of the supporting construction before installation of the penetration seal, etc.

The following statements may be considered for inclusion in the ETA:


"Other parts or support constructions must not penetrate the seal."

"Provisions shall be taken such that floor penetration seals cannot be stepped on or are not subjected to forces higher than the limit taken from the impact tests, e.g. by covering with a wire mesh."

“The service support construction must be fixed to the building element on both sides of the penetration in such a manner that in the case of fire no additional load is imposed on the seal. Furthermore it is assumed that this support is maintained for the required period of fire resistance.”

Cable penetration seals/ Mixed penetration seals:

"For tied cable bundles the space between the cables needs not be sealed."

"The total cross section of the cables (including cable supporting systems like cable trays etc.) must not be more than 60% of the total seal (opening) size." or (for mixed penetration seals):

"The total cross section of the cables (including cable supporting systems like cable trays etc.) and pipes (the outer diameter to be considered) must not be more than 60% of the total seal (opening) size."

Pipe penetration seals/ Mixed penetration seals:

"Pipes must be perpendicular to the seal surface.” (to be used when only tests according to the standard configuration are available).

"Plastic pipes for non-combustible liquids and fluids only, for pneumatic dispatch systems and for vacuum cleaning pipes."

“It is assumed that compressed air systems are switched off by other means in the case of fire.”

"The function of the pipe seal in case of pneumatic dispatch systems, pressurized air systems etc. is guaranteed only when the systems are shut off in case of fire."

"The assessment does not cover the avoidance of destruction of the seal or of the abutting building element(s) by forces caused by temperature changes in case of fire. This has to be considered when designing the piping system."

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