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NOTE For example, for non-insulated metal pipes the elongation to be considered can be calculated using the relevant temperature from the standard time temperature curve at the fire resistance period required.

“The approval does not address any risks associated with leakage of dangerous liquids or gases caused by failure of the pipe(s) in case of fire.”

“The durability assessment does not take account of the possible effect of substances permeating through the pipe on the penetration seal.”

“It is assumed that thermal movement in the pipe work will be accommodated in such a way that it does not impose a load on the penetration seal.”

2.[ ]Emission of dangerous substances or radiation

......(Specific text)

Note: In addition to the specific clauses relating to dangerous substances contained in this European Technical Approval, there may be other requirements applicable to the products falling within its scope (e.g. transposed European legislation and national laws, regulations and administrative provisions). In order to meet the provisions of the Construction Products Directive, these requirements need also to be complied with, when and where they apply.

3Evaluation and attestation of conformity and CE marking

3.1System of attestation of conformity

According to the decision ... (number) of the European Commission28 the system 1 of attestation of conformity applies.

This system of attestation of conformity is defined as follows:

System 1: Certification of the conformity of the product by a approved certification body on the basis of:

(a)Tasks for the manufacturer:

(1)factory production control;

(2)further testing of samples taken at the factory by the manufacturer in accordance with a prescribed test plan;

(b)Tasks for the approved body:

(3)initial type–testing of the product;

(4)initial inspection of factory and of factory production control;

(5)continuous surveillance, assessment and approval of factory production control.


3.2.1Tasks of the manufacturer production control

The manufacturer shall exercise permanent internal control of production. All the elements, requirements and provisions adopted by the manufacturer shall be documented in a systematic manner in the form of written policies and procedures, including records of results performed. This production control system shall insure that the product is in conformity with this European technical approval.

The manufacturer may only use initial / raw / constituent materials (as relevant) stated in the technical documentation of this European technical approval.

The factory production control shall be in accordance with the "Control Plan of ...(date) relating to the European technical approval ETA ...(number) issued on ...(date)" which is part of the technical documentation of this European technical approval. The "Control Plan" is laid down in the context of the factory production control system operated by the manufacturer and deposited at the ...(name of the approval body).29

The results of factory production control shall be recorded and evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the "Control Plan".

28 Official Journal of the European Communities L .../... (number) of ... (day/month/year)

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