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46 / 47 tasks of manufacturer

......(Specific text, if relevant)

Additional information

The manufacturer shall provide a technical data sheet and an installation instruction with the following minimum information:

Technical data sheet:

Field of application:


Building elements for which the penetration seal is suitable, type and properties of the building elements like minimum thickness, density, and - in case of lightweight constructions - the construction requirements.


Services for which the penetration seal is suitable, type and properties of the services like material, diameter, thickness etc. in case of pipes including insulation materials; necessary/allowed supports/fixings (e.g. cable trays)


Limits in size, minimum thickness etc. of the penetration seal

Construction of the penetration seal including the necessary components and additional products (e.g. backfilling material) with clear indication whether they are generic or specific.

Installation instruction:

Steps to be followed

Procedure in case of retrofitting.

The manufacturer shall, on the basis of a contract, involve a body (bodies) which is (are) approved for the tasks referred to in section 3.1 in the field of ...(product) in order to undertake the actions laid down in section 3.3. For this purpose, the "control plan" referred to in sections and 3.2.2 shall be handed over by the manufacturer to the approved body or bodies involved.

The manufacturer shall make a declaration of conformity, stating that the construction product is in conformity with the provisions of the European technical approval ETA ...(number) issued on ...(date).

3.2.2Tasks of approved bodies

The approved body (bodies) shall perform the

-initial typetesting of the product,

-initial inspection of factory and of factory production control,

-continuous surveillance, assessment and approval of factory production control,

in accordance with the provisions laid down in the "Control Plan of ...(date) relating to the European technical approval ETA ...(number) issued on ...(date)".

The approved body (bodies) shall retain the essential points of its (their) actions referred to above and state the results obtained and conclusions drawn in (a) written report (reports).

The approved certification body involved by the manufacturer shall issue an EC certificate of conformity of the product stating the conformity with the provisions of this European technical approval.

In cases where the provisions of the European technical approval and its "Control Plan" are no longer fulfilled the certification body shall withdraw the certificate of conformity and inform the ...(name of approval body) without delay.

3.3CE marking

The CE marking shall be affixed on the ...(product itself  indicate where on the product, if necessary; or the label attached to it; packaging; accompanying commercial document, e.g. the EC declaration of conformity). The marking „CE“ shall be followed by the identification number of the approved certification body and be accompanied by the following additional information:


the name and address of the producer (legal entity responsible for the manufacturer),


the last two digits of the year in which the CE marking was affixed,


the number of the EC certificate of conformity for the product,


the number of the European technical approval,


the number of the guideline for European technical approval


... (indicate characteristics, performances, use categories, etc. of the product as listed in accordance with the provisions of the ETAG),

ETAG 026


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