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"Assumed working life" means that, when an assessment following the ETAG provisions is made, and when this working life has elapsed, the real working life may be, in normal use conditions, considerably longer without major degradation affecting the Essential Requirements.3

The indications given as to the working life of the construction product cannot be interpreted as a guarantee given by the product manufacturer or his representative or the approval body issuing the ETA, but are regarded only as a means for choosing the appropriate products in relation to the expected economically reasonable working life of the works (see 5.2.2 of Interpretative Documents).

1.4 Terminology

1.4.1 Common terms relating to the Construction Products Directive

For the meaning of these terms see EOTA document "Common terms used in Guidelines for European technical approval" published on the EOTA website.

1.4.2 Specific terms used in this part of the ETAG Blank penetration seal

A seal without penetrating services that seals an aperture in a separating element Bellows Seal

A flexible seal, often based on a coated fabric sleeve, to allow movement of services. Block

Product available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Generally cuboid for rectangular penetrations.

See also Plugs. Bus Bar

A low impedance conductor to which several electric circuits can be connected.

See IEC 60439-1. Cable box

Consists of a metal frame, with intumescent inlays, that forms a type of channel, often incorporating plastic. lids (to prevent the passage of cold smoke). Cable bundle

Several cables running in the same direction and bound closely together by mechanical means. Collar

see Pipe closure device Conduit

A metal or plastic casing designed to accommodate cables. Normally a conduit is circular or oval in section.

See also Trunking Foam

Material that cures at room temperature, increasing its volume upon application and creating a cellular. structure. Intumescent sleeve

Pipe penetration seal, in the form of a longitudinally split cylinder, generally made from a base material. containing intumescent material. Mixed penetration seal

A seal, that allows the installation of different types of services listed in chapter 1.2, (1)-(7) in a single opening. Modular system

System comprising a steel frame into which elastomeric blocks are installed, compressed around the service. Mortar

A blend of gypsum or cement based powder, fillers, water and chemical modifiers, with or without reinforcement.

3 The real working life of a product incorporated in a specific works depends on the environmental conditions to which that works is subject and the particular conditions of the design, execution, use and maintenance of that works may be outside this ETAG. Therefore it cannot be excluded that in these cases the real working life of the product may also be shorter than the assumed working life.

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