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9 / 47 Pillow (also referred to as “bag” or “cushion”)

Malleable, pillow-like bag, filled with reactive or non-reactive material, for the temporary or permanent closing of penetrations or openings. Pipe closure device

A pre-fabricated, heat activated device that, under fire exposure, acts to crush plastic pipes or service ducts that pass through vertical or horizontal separating elements and/or fill the hollow space with an intumescent foam. Two types are considered here: collars and wraps.

Collars incorporate an outer casing which acts as a restraint for an intumescent material, enabling the collar to be either surface fixed to the separating element or incorporated within it.

Wraps have no casing and hence must be located within the separating element, which acts as a restraint for the intumescent. Pipe diameter

Where “pipe diameter” is used in this ETAG this refers to the nominal external diameter of the service pipe. Plug

As blocks, but cylindrical/conical in shape (for circular penetrations). Putty

Material similar to some sealants/mastics capable of being formed and directly installed by hand, but remaining in a plastic condition. Sand Gasket

An open metal frame, which is fixed in a wall and filled with specific sand. The cables run through the sand. Sealant/Mastic

Single or multi-component material, comprising organic and/or inorganic fillers pre-dispersed in a binder (i.e. acrylic, polysulphide, silicone etc.), that cures or dries after application to an elastic or plasto-elastic material. Service support construction

A mechanical support provided in the form of clips, ties, hangers, ladder racks or trays, or any device designed to carry the load of the penetrating services. Small cable penetration seal

see prEN 1366-3.2 Trunking

A metal or plastic casing designed to accommodate cables. Normally trunking is square or rectangular in section.

See also Conduit. Waveguide cables

All cables and other products with a hollow core for the purpose of conveyance of electromagnetic waves, typically antenna cables. Wrap

See  pipe closure device

1.5 Procedure in the case of a significant deviation from the ETAG

See Part 1 – "General"

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