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weather, and 52 for cargo successfully unloaded at Liverpool.

But then we tally the Germans, and despite their own losses, we discover I was actually fairly far from victory, far enough that even the 20 VP for sinking Bremen wouldn’t have put me over the top.

The two CL’s, 2 DD’s and one DE I lost to U-Boats net the Germans 36 VP. The 2 DD sunk by the twins in the encounter with Nelson and Rodney net another 10.  Damage to Nelson, Rodney and Hood adds another 42 VP. That’s 88, only 5 more VP than Gneisenau alone was worth.

But then we get to the crucial supplies that didn’t get to England.  The Germans sunk 12 transports in HX.9 – 3 by Gneisenau, and 9 by submarine.  The transports themselves are 2 VP apiece, and their cargo 2 VP per cargo point.  Each merchant carried 3 cargo points, therefore each was worth 8 VP total (2 for the ship, 6 for the cargo.) That’s a whopping 96 points to the Germans from HX.9’s disaster north of Ireland. And it could conceivably have been worse.

Finally, to add icing to the German chocolate cake, I lost 6 seaplane steps (2 Catalina, 4 Sunderland) to landing in bad weather – at least I think they were all landing and none takeoff, anyway. Somehow I didn’t realize each step was 6 VP until the tallying – ouch! Anyway, that’s 36 more for Jim.

The final tally: Axis 220, Allies 164. A substantial – if somewhat Phyrric to the Kriegsmarine surface forces – victory for the Germans.

    Congrats to Jim for a game well-played. He made the most of his number one asset – the far more powerful U-Boats of the optional rules set – laying in wait for my poor convoy, which was doomed to soldier on through with inadequate escort. (Oh, for a hunter-killer CVE group or two to pave the way…) The U-Boat menace, understandably an obsession of the Allies for the first half of the war, was more than adequately represented in this game.

I feel that while the Daily Content sub rules are more realistic, they do significantly increase the potency of the U-boat fleet especially in this scenario where the extra nighttime movement allows the second Type VII flotilla to reach Convoy HX.9.  For this reason, I do advise caution in using them as they can change the play balance of a scenario depending on the situation at hand.

I felt that Pat's game was also played very well.  While the search plane losses were painful for him, it paid dividends for him with his sinking of the Gneisenau with Swordfish from Furious.

    The scenario also showed the fragility, even in 1939, of Hitler’s surface fleet. There were just too damn many Allied ships and planes for the twins to stay hidden (though ironically enough it was one of my subs that started the ball rolling for the defeat of

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