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the battlecruisers.) And the structure of the scenario almost demands that they go a-hunting the second convoy (they have little to no chance of intercepting HX.8). The BC’s accounted for 64 VP’s (2 DD sunk and most of the damage to my capital ships, plus 3 loaded merchants) but gave me back 104 VP, a net loss of 40. Had conditions allowed, they would have been far better off trying to avoid my convoy entirely and dashing to the open ocean, raiding other less-wary merchant routes and hoping to seek haven in Spanish ports if necessary.

I agree that this scenario nicely showed off the inefficiency of surface raiding.  The U-boats won the game despite the poor performance of the German surface fleet.

    The German light ship group was a minor distraction for most of the game, once I decided I would not try following it into range of his aircraft. I think, thanks to the number of ships, it could have given some of my smaller “watch” TF’s a great deal of trouble had it ventured forth into the Norwegian waters early on, before the twins became less of a threat also. And the light ships were one factor in the forms my reconstituted TF’s took (but not as large a factor as the U-Boat menace and the slim chance of running up against the wounded, but still dangerous, Scharnhorst. And in fact apparently my Dunquerque group narrowly missed catching “Salmon” on her homeward leg.)

Pat wisely did not take the boat.  However, it was not just air attacks.  I was also trying later in the game to draw him over the path of my last Type II U-boat

Scharnhorst missed the Dunkerque task force by only one zone in the North Sea.  It was very, very close.

    But the light TF also contained some potentially “easy” VP’s if it ran into anything substantial, and Jim was probably better off keeping it in a relatively safe area.

The light task force really only has good odds against a British CL task force early in the scenario before the British can adjust his task forces to ensure they are strong enough to take on the German task force.  Afterwards, I feel it is too risky for it to do anything but create confusion and act as bait for air and sub attacks.

In any case, the contest was great fun, and I now know a lot more about the nuances of SWWAS operational scenarios. I’m ready for more!

Me too!!!  I thought the game did an outstanding job of recreating the situation at hand.  While subs seemed a little too effective against warships and DDs seemed a bit too vulnerable to primary guns, these minor flaws were not enough to undermine my suspension of disbelief.  I look forward to more.

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