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Glossary of Terms

ADI – Alternator Driven Ignition, consists of a flywheel, stator, trigger and ignition module.

ADTC - After Top Dead Center Reference on ignition timing.

BTDC - Before Top Dead Center Reference on ignition timing.

CD Ignition – Capacitive Discharge Ignition. The capacitor stores the power developed by a stator or inverter and uses a SCR to deliver the power to the ignition coil.

CDM – Capacitive Discharge Module. The CDM is a combination of the switch box and ignition coil.

Crank - Refers to the engine being turned over with the starter, not running. Spark plug wires are usually connected to a spark gap tester.

DVA – Direct Voltage Adapter. Also known as Peak voltage. The term refers to the peak voltage as read by a specialized meter or a multimeter using a adapter to convert the peak voltage in the ignition system to a DC value. Regular meters cannot read the voltages due to the frequency and duration of the pulses in the system.

Power Pack – Term used by Johnson/Evinrude for the ignition module.

RPM – Revolutions per minute. The number of times the engine rotates in one minute.

S.L.O.W. – Speed Limiting Oil Warning system. Limits the RPM of the engine to approximately 2500 RPM in order to reduce the damage to the engine caused by a no oil or overheat condition.

Spark Tester - Device used to check for spark from the ignition coil to the spark plug. Testers are normally available in 1, 4, 6 and 8 cylinder configurations.

Switch Box – Term used for Force, Mariner and Mercury ignition modules.

W.O.T. – Wide Open Throttle.


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