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(h)In respect of matters which are not specifically covered in these rules, the Central Govt. rules, in so far they are not inconsistent with these rules, shall be followed.

7.Transfer on Administrative Grounds :

(a)All employees of the company including those belonging to Circle/SSA cadres are liable to be transferred to any place of Company’s operations unless it is expressly ordered otherwise for any particular class or classes of employees.  Transfers would not, however, be ordered except when advisable in the Company’s interests.

(b)Further, for employees belonging to Circle/SSA Cadre, consequent to joining on transfer to new Circle/SSA, his/her place in the new gradation list would be assigned in same manner as would be assigned to him/her had he/she been originally recruited in the new Circle/SSA.

(c)The competent authority for considering such transfer cases shall be as prescribed in para 10 below.

8.Request transfers outside Recruiting unit :

(a) Transfers of employees when desired for their own convenience shall not be discouraged if they are administratively feasible and can be made without injury to the rights of others. However, as a general rule, an employee shall not be transferred from one recruiting unit to another, either within the same circle, or to another circle, unless he/she has completed five (5) years of service in the cadre.  As it is not possible to accommodate an employee borne on one gradation list, into another gradation list without injury to the other members in the gradation list such transfers shall not ordinarily be allowed except by way of mutual exchange. Transfer by way of mutual exchange, if themselves inherently unobjectionable, shall be allowed, but in order to safeguard the rights of employees borne in gradation list of both the offices, the employee brought in shall take the place in the new gradation list that would have been assigned to him/her had he/she been originally recruited in that unit or the place vacated by the official with whom he/she exchanges appointment, whichever the lower.

However, for the purpose of eligibility for promotion through examination not linked with seniority or time bound pay scale upgradation , service rendered by  the  employee  in  the   cadre / grade in the new  as well as old circle /SSA shall be counted.

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