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As well as the experiences of some of the leading practitioners in the educational use of blogs etc, the booklet contains practical information and advice about getting started, some reviews, and lists of resources you might like to explore.

Now, because I wanted this to be a book which felt alive, and to reflect the different perspectives of the people who contributed to it, I was deliberately open-ended in my brief to them. Consequently, there is some repetition, for example about RSS feeds and other matters. I think that’s OK because it means that if you don’t understand what one person has written there’s a chance you’ll understand it from the way someone else has explained it!

Although some articles wax philosophical, the main aim of the booklet is to provide you with enough information and enough confidence to try something out for yourself. It says, in effect:

“1. This is what X is;

2. This is what Joe Soap thinks about X or how he implemented it in his classroom;

3. If you fancy having a go, here’s what you need to do.”

Try things out and then, in the true spirit of Web 2.0 contribute to our FAQs about Web2.0 through the wiki we hope to create in due course. In the meantime, we’ll keep you up-to-date with developments at: http://www.terry-freedman.org.uk/db/web2/.

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