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other modes. Furthermore the ‘many’ designation given below may be a closed community, such as a class, school, or college, or may be unrestricted access.

Text is sent direct to user’s mobile (cell) phone. Email can be extended as a many-to-many tool through mail lists, which can provide for discussion, announcements and dissemination of documents.

Text-based messaging, similar to SMS but via a computer and with better support for extended conversations; it often notifies users when their friends are logged on.

Free internet telephone calls, often with video or shared desktop facilities; the market leader is Skype (http://www.skype.com/).

Friend of a friend – a means to develop trusted, social networks, see eg orkut (http://www.orkut.com/Home.aspx)

Documents or multi-media made available for download or streaming.

Database-backed websites providing information tailored to the viewers particular requirements.

Really simple syndication provides a mechanism to track changes to multiple websites simultaneously, and to share content (typically blog posts) with other websites - an example of the semantic web.

Extremely popular on-line diaries, easy publishing and sharing of text and other media such as photos. Comments can be posted by readers, and community blogs provide for shared authoring. Recent developments allow easy updating with text, photographs or even video, direct from mobile phones. Good for sharing experiences and views and are having a major impact on newsgathering. Eg Blogger (http//www.blogger.com/), Moveable Type (http//www.movabletype.org/).

An audio-based blog, designed to be downloaded to a portable mp3 player, with notification via RSS. Video equivalents are also appearing.

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