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The following are some of the students’ responses showing how they felt about blogging: (1) “Great, because you can express yourself however you want and people understand what you’re going through”; and (2) “I felt good about blogging ‘cause I can talk about stuff I’m interested in.” When asked, “Do you like blogging better than journaling on paper? Why or why not?” the following responses were given: (1) “Yes, because it is much easier for me to do because typing is easier than writing”; (2) I like both really because the subject (i.e. writing) really keeps me going”; and (3) “On the computer because I like to type, and on paper it’s boring.” In response to the question, “Are you planning to keep on blogging” four out of five of the students said, “yes.” The student who replied, “no” said, “no, because I don’t have a computer.” When asked, “What did you like about blogging in English class” the following were some of the responses: (1) “ I got to chat with other people and got to know what other people think”; (2) “I like it when we talk about self-esteem” and (3) “I like that we can just keep it real on our blog.”

When we had an additionally class discussion about self-esteem the girls said that there were things they could say online that they wouldn’t want to say aloud in the classroom. They said they didn’t want to reveal such personal emotions in front of the boys in class. Concluding, they each expressed feelings of encouragement and peer support. Furthermore, all of the students showed increased motivation with regard to writing. Thus, virtual support via the blogosphere can be meaningful for students today.

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