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The blogging itself went very well indeed. Right from the start, I emphasised that this was their space, to write about the things that mattered to them, with the option of keeping it private or sharing entries with the rest of the class (we’d decided against opening up access to the rest of the world, because of child protection concerns). Things worked best, for the majority at least, when they were given a theme to write about, such as “First impressions of Year 6”, a book review, an evaluation of a unit of work, etc, but these were only ever suggestions, and some of the most interesting entries were from those who used the blog to explore ideas of their own, or talk about experiences out of school. Here are a couple of the early ones:

“Yesterday’s Drama Workshop was really fun. Chris was a really good actor and it was lovely to watch him in action. He put so much facial expression and movement in that it was very difficult to get bored, because each time he saw someone looking bored he made you all jump.

It’s impossible to name my favourite scene because it was all so good. He stayed all day doing all the different classes at different times. Year 3 after break, year 4 after lunch and year 5 and 6 at the end of the day. When we had the session in the afternoon we started of by picking what sort of person we where, choosing a number between 1 and 5.I was two so I was quite poor and shy. But some people where 5,being very rich and proud and some people where 1 being very poor and shy. We then made a scene up. I was with


and me were shoplifters and so we

worked on that. All together it was a truly enjoyable day.”

“The first couple of weeks being in year 6 have been brilliant. It’s great to be back with my friends after the holidays. The practice common entrance papers weren’t as bad as I thought and I was very pleased with my mark.

I am really enjoying my responsibilities being house captain and science monitor. Although we haven’t had a house assembly yet, green house are having fun with designing competitions, looking after the other house members and planning the house assembly.

Today we are playing in a netball tournament at Barrow Hills. It’s only a fun tournament, but I’m still determined to win. I’m playing at goal attack, but as it’s a versatility tournament we change positions every half time. If we win this, we will have won all the tournaments that we have ever played.

These blogs are really fun and I will always try to keep it up to date.”

I was particularly pleased that they’d taken on the idea that there’s more to blogging than simply recounting events, and that some degree of reflection or analysis was called for here. I’ve also been pleased that a good number of the pupils have used Elgg outside of ICT lessons, mainly from home, to keep a record of things they’ve done both inside and outside school. A number of them have also used it as a way of highlighting particular issues to do with their school work – such as worries over entrance exams (which fall in January), concerns over particular topics, or indeed recording successes.

“I haven’t done any papers yet as I am saving them for later in the holidays. So far I have done all of the English punctuation worksheets, a few chapters of MEP and some of the mini tests for science(the ones in the purple book),also the test on the meanings. I have stopped until the 27th now so that I can have Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing day off. I’m not finding it as difficult

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