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You will automatically be sent an email with your login details. While you are waiting for your email to arrive, click on the ‘A 3 min intro to WordPress’ link in the Tutorials section (see below). This will give you an on-screen tutorial of the main features of the blog. After watching this overview you should be equipped to log in to your blog and produce your first piece of writing.

Your first piece of writing should include the following text: “I am undertaking a trial of this blog to see how it could be used creatively in education.”

When you have posted it, give yourself a pat on the back and reflect on the fact that all the hype you have heard about blogs boils down to writing in a box and pressing a button to publish it! That simplicity in the creative hands of teachers and students is a powerful tool for teaching and learning.

Feel free at this point to explore some of the other features of the blog. See what you can find out and realise that this is how the majority of our students work when getting to grips with new software.

This is where the blogging tool fades into the background and your creativity comes to the fore.

  • Write a post about a subject that is personally important to you.

  • Add a suitable picture and some hyperlinks to related websites.

  • Write a post about what you consider to be the most creative or innovative

professional experience you have had in the classroom. When you have completed these posts:

  • 1.

    Email the weblog address (URL) of your blog to someone you know and ask them to comment on your blog by pressing the comment button on a post they want to respond to.

  • 2.

    Surf to my personal weblog at http://www.fordlog.com and leave a comment with your weblog address. I’ll respond!

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