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from a group of USA ICT innovators; this is audio, not video. The informal style was a little disconcerting at first but each programme has resulted in gems that are relevant to my work in ICT in Education and has forced me to keep a notebook and pen close by to make notes as I listen. (there is still a place for the old technology!)

This subscription was quickly followed by others to, for example,’ Learning and Teaching in Scotland’, ‘IT Conversations’, Naace, ‘Daily SearchCast’ and Comedy365... but all audio. With no video yet in sight I needed to find something to look at on my 4x6cm screen in order to justify my original expenditure.

Using a number of different podcast directories, I searched and subscribed to podcasts (VideoBlogs) offering video, which included TILT, DL.TV and Diggnation. First impressions were that the video did not really help much, the programmes could generally be listened to without looking at the screen which was often just displaying a ‘talking head’. One additional disadvantage is that these particular files were very large and took an age to download.

Probably my most valuable introduction to multimedia education podcast opportunities was TILT, (Teaching Improving Learning with Technology), produced by Danny Mass out of the USA. There are not many programmes available and the quality is variable but what Danny does illustrate are some of the ways that this media could be used in teaching and learning: he is somewhat of an trailblazer for which I’m appreciative.

This is, of course, only half of the story: I’ve been looking at being the passive recipient of podcasts..... but the contribution to learning is almost certainly strongest when students are producing their own podcasts. There are several examples in the lists below: don’t miss the ESL Students’ work in a school in China.

Was it worth spending extra to get the video iPod rather than a cheaper audio- only mp3player? The answer today is probably no... but I’m optimistic that during 2006 I shall be changing my mind.

There are exciting times ahead, but what would be on my wish list for this week?. It would be for Becta to set up a weekly audio podcast in the same informal style as TWiT but with the content being focused on ‘ICT in Education in the UK’.... and maybe thirty minutes’ duration instead of the hour. Now that would be great to listen to in the car on the way to work or while sun-bathing by the pool.

Have fun!

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