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Now the exciting bit! During my research forays into the deepest internet I came across an open source developer who was interested in audio blogging.

Gerrit van Aaken has produced a super tool to run a web based blog and added audio blogging capabilities. Gerrit’s Loudblog is fantastic! Check it out at http://www.loudblog.de.

“An MP3 blog is a type of weblog in which the creator makes music files, normally in the MP3 format, available for download. They are also known as music blogs or audioblogs. MP3 blogs have become increasingly popular since the beginning of 2003. The music posted is normally hard-to-find, often has not been issued in many years, and selections are often restricted to a particular musical sub-genre or theme. Several MP3 blogs offer music in Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) or Ogg formats, as well as MP3”

http://www.Wikipedia.org [accessed November 2005].

The MP3-based audio files are simply uploaded using an administration interface and then published via a web page.

The system even uses a flash-based embedded player and can easily be podcast to your friendly pod-catching software. I have registered my sites with iTunes podcast directory, but anyone could access the RSS feed from the website and use this in a pod-catching piece of software such as iPodder14.

“Really Simple Syndication is a member group of the RSS family for web syndication. The specification was adapted from Dave Winer’s Scripting News and Netscape’s RSS 0.91 and is maintained by an advisory board at the Berkman Center for internet & Society at Harvard Law School. The commonly found versions of Really Simple Syndication are 0.9x and 2.0.x. The specification states that any RSS 0.9x is a valid RSS 2.x document, but not vice versa. Note that RSS 1.0 is an incompatible standard based on the W3C’s Resource Description Framework.”

http://www.Wikipedia.org [Accessed November 2005]

And so it was born: Warden Park Radio http://www.wardenparkradio.net. The site has been up and running for some months now and a first test program made. I currently have a range of students and staff editing and recording suitable program material. The school has plans to use the site for publicising events and general news etc. The students love working with this media: they all want to become radio stars!

Although I have not completed any formal research into this area it is obvious that students enjoy working in this type of media. In many respects it has a traditional feel and maybe that’s also why some teaching staff can easily access this type of broadcast system.

I have seen students develop good communication skills, problem solving, and organisation of others They technically improve their understanding of preparing materials for an audience and how to technically manipulate files in sound editing software such as Audacity. Music is also a powerful influence and our iPod generation are motivated both to use ICT to produce it and play with it. The issue of copyright using music is an obvious one but I either publish music that



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