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That is possibly one of the hardest questions to answer, due to the individual

complexities of it all. Video Blogging is quite simply

, there are no

rules, although most sites you might want to use for storage don’t allow pornography, racism or child abuse, which is a good thing. It’s personality, creativity and reality that makes a video blog, only you can do your own stuff and that is what it’s all about, really.

When it comes down to brass tacks, some people blog to show off, some people blog to show people where they went on holiday, others blog to keep in touch with relatives abroad. Many people blog their new baby, dog or favourite pet, but when you film it you capture so much more than words or photos, it gives your blog a new depth and there is more feeling there. There is extra effort involved, it all revolves around something called bandwidth. Basically, to videoblog easily you need a broadband connection: your video files will be big compared to photos, there is compression software out there, most come with your editing suite so try not to worry too much at this point. An example is, you take a film of you and the kids, its 5 minutes long and you captured it on a DV cam (standard digital camcorder) if you save it at its current size which is big enough to be shown on your 32” TV without looking too shabby, the size of the file will be something daft like 2GB, but then you change then size down to say 320 x 240 and then compress it down as one would compress a CD track to be played on an MP3 player. Its a bit fiddly at first, but with a little practice you should be able to save after editing, in the compressed size.

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