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Nah, I do most of mine on the cheap! All you need really is a computer, the software that comes with it and if not there is free or cheap editing suites available to download from the net, a broadband connection otherwise you’ll be uploading ‘til next Christmas, and some kind of capture device. By this it could be a digital camera that takes video clips, a mobile phone that takes video clips, a web cam or a digital video camera(for simplicity you a camera with DV out, it really is a bit too complicated to get your old dusty VHS-c or Video 8 to upload onto your computer. And that is all you need. If you want your video to look a bit more professional, buy a cheap tripod for about £15 ($25-30). You can then upload your finished masterpiece for free at various hosting sites around the world. Then use a free Blogger Blog found at http://www.blogger.com as your template for your web site, that’s free too.

Not at all, the editing software should do a lot of that for you. Most of these editing suites are based on the linear time editing, whereby you can take you clip, edit it down to take away the bits you don’t want and the drop it into the timeframe that you want it to be played back in and build up your movie like you would build a lego house, block by block. As for sound, if you want music in the background you do it in the same way, there are volume controls for sound so that you can fade in and fade out or fade up or fade down within those blocks.

Video files take up a huge amount of server space, so where would I store them

  • There are 5 places I can think of off the top of my head, that you can store your videos for free forever (well at least until the site closes down) they are http://www.dailymotion.com http://www.blip.tv http://www.ourmedia.com http://www.youtube.com http://www.archive.org.

  • Or pay for space at http://www.dreamhost.com.

  • There is also something called google.video (http://video.google.com/) where you can store your video but you can’t refer to it from your blog, this is just a stand-alone archive.

Absolutely loads, there are at least 5 videoblogging yahoo groups, several Google groups there is an ever growing community from mostly America but now from all over the world. We are mostly friendly and love imparting our knowledge to new starters. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask any question of these guys and gals.

Speaking as a former school pupil, how do you think video blogging could be used in education. How do you think you might have benefited had it been around when you were at school?

Immensely. At the end of the day it’s a form of communication and that is very important in my humble opinion towards a child’s growth and awareness that there is more out there than just the area in which they live.

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