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Just lately, Steven Spielberg sent 250 sets of camcorders and dvd recorders to some children in Palestine, just so they could blog. It’s turned out to be a great success, and some are actually posting interesting stuff on line now. As for my own education, it was back in the dark ages when a 16 bit machine took over a whole air conditioned room and had the storage capacity of 2mb and ran on 128 ram. Video was not an option. Even when I did my City & Guilds in IT, the internet wasn’t around and networking was a fairly new concept.

Because it is open to the public, it is open to public scrutiny. You will get spam. Be aware that you will use a lot of bandwidth uploading your stuff and watching other people stuff. You will make friends, lots of friends from all walks of life from all countries and cultures. That’s three isn’t it?

The friends, the sense of community and the personal “People actually like my work and effort.”

Check out http://www.dailymotion.com or http://www.Blip.tv; you will have to register with them to pass comments etc., but hey you might be inspired by these videos to do your own and show them on these sites.

It’s here now, and about time too. But people need to get over this home made video thing that is “You’ve been framed”.17 This show was popular because you could make money off of it. In Video blogging you possibly won’t get paid £250 for every clip shown. It is an art form, it’s about being creative, not destructive, it’s about being less pedestrian, it’s about inflating your ego, it’s something else to do with your computer rather than buying dvd’s and holidays, downloading illegal copies of the latest blockbuster or using chat rooms.

Paul’s videos may be found at http://www.dailymotion.com/pjkproductions.



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