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Without doubt! I can think of a whole raft of other applications for this technology – I’ve already had one student in the WikiVille team “Skyping” me with their own ideas which were better than mine!

Just do it – the overheads are low and you’ve very little to lose apart from sleep and your job if it all goes belly-up! Seriously though I learned so much from this activity about attitudes to learning, how students are programmed to write for the teacher as their audience and about how much we need to do to remedy the situation/climate which has been brought in by target driven learning. So long as the experience is genuinely shared and owned by all parties its probably hard to go wrong.

Unexpected? Its all been unexpected –especially the reaction from colleagues in other countries who are being supportive in a range of ways. WikiVille is not mine – because everyone’s contributions are so unique and improving gradually over time as people find their ‘voice’, they quite literally have a piece of WikiVille for themselves. Ownership has become unexpectedly a strong feature of the project so far.

Yes – I’d leave it a few months to see how things bed it and how we spread the word. Hopefully though things are already moving and colleagues in the States, Australia, UK & beyond are already joining in.

Visit Wikiville now! http://www.wikiville.org.uk/index.php/Main Page


The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority: http://www.qca.org.uk.

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