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STATA is available in all Windows-based machines in computer clusters and classrooms on campus. STATA is not available on the MAC machines in the clusters. If you want your own copy of STATA, a one-year site license for STATA 10/IC can be purchased through the STATA Grad Purchase plan. The web site is http://www.stata.com/order/new/edu/gradplans/gp- campus.html and the cost is $95. This version of STATA is available for either Windows or MAC platforms. This is not required for class but if you want to use STATA on your own laptop/desktop, this is the only avenue available.

To help you get started with STATA, I have put together a 15-page tutorial that is available on the class web page. You are expected to go through the tutorial yourself and become familiar with the basics of STATA. You need to do this soon because we will begin to use STATA early on in the semester. I will run a 90 minute ‘get to know’ STATA session for anyone interested. The class is not required and if you ‘pick up’ programming quickly, you may want to skip it. The STATA review session is tentatively scheduled for Friday, January 15, 11:45am – 1:00pm. The classroom is TBD.

Prerequisites: ECON 30330 or a serious course in Mathematical Statistics. You are also expected to know some simple calculus.

I have put together a 20 page review of ECON 30330 and this is available on the class web page. This handout goes over most of the important concepts that will be used this semester such as expected values, covariance, correlation, linear combinations of random variables, test of hypothesis, testing the equality of means from two samples, etc. Please read over the handout. If the terms in that handout are foreign to you, you may need to review your ECON 30330 notes.

Expectations: Students are expected to attend class, be prepared for class, to NOT be late to class, to participate in classroom discussions, to hand in assignments when due, and to NOT engage in academic dishonesty.

Evaluations: Grades for the course will be based on 6 problem sets (20 percent of the course grade), a mid term examination (25 percent), an empirical project (20 percent) and a comprehensive final exam (35 percent).

Problem sets: Five to six problem sets will be assigned during the semester. These problem sets are designed to gauge your understanding of the concepts discussed in class. The problem sets will have two types of questions. The first are ‘pencil to paper’ where you are asked to prove a mathematical statement, calculate an estimate, derive an equation, etc. These questions are the type that will be asked on the exams. For the second type of question, you will given a data set and asked to generate and interpret statistical output. You can use any statistical software package to answer these questions but I will provide sample programs and support (i.e., I will answer questions) for STATA.

You are encouraged to work in groups on the problem sets but everyone must turn in their own copy of the answers. Problem set answers should be turned in at the beginning of class on the day they are due. I will not accept late problem sets.

The first problem set is on the class web page and is due at the start of class on Thursday, January 21st, and will cover the statistics you should have learned in ECON 30330.


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